Why Brand Building Is Important ?

What is a brand?

A brand is more than just a logo or name. It’s your professional biometric, that defines you and makes you different from others. A decade ago, brands were just about your logo, signs, slogans and your product or services, and branding wasn’t a big deal back then. As everything else, the concept of branding also evolved and today it is not just about logo and name, rather it is about the colour, the graphics used in designing brand logo, the message you’re sending through the advertisements (which should make you stand out from your competition), who is endorsing your brand, all these factors add value to your brand.

Why building a brand is important?

The process of branding starts with the objective of making your brand stand out from the clutter. Apart from many small players in the market, you have to compete with big, famous brands, with a bigger and loyal consumer base. Your brand won’t connect strongly with your target audience unless it’s brand building is done right. For this job, you can either hire a branding manager to take up all the tasks of brands building or outsource an event management company to do every bit of it. The importance of branding can be better understood by following

  1. Stimulates senses – When the customers see or listen to a piece of your innovative and strategically crafted advertisement, their senses are stimulated in a way that desired image of your brand is registered in their brain. The collective approach moulds their psychology and they start perceiving your brand as the sole problem solver. Suppose if you are some energy drink manufacturer and you want to tap into people’s belief system or psyche, then you must build your brand in a way that the consumer starts thinking about your brand as the only way to refuel their dropped energy levels. The consumer will start relating your brand with high energy. Congratulations! You have won over consumer’s psychology game.
  2. Be a swan among the ducks – Being a swan among the ducks simply mean that you create a unique image of your brand with all the competition present in the market. If you’re doing what your competitors are doing, then you have lost the game before even starting. Cutting the mundane branding campaigns out of the picture, and approaching the consumer in a way, no one ever has will help you differentiate your brand from other brands in the market. Give your consumers an unforgettable experience of your brand with innovative marketing and branding campaigns, so that start seeing you as a benchmark in your domain.
  3. Awares your target audience – Make your presence feel in a way that just by a small hint, your consumer recognises you.

If you’ve created an ad commercial for your brand, make it so impactful that even before seeing your logo, your audience recognises your brand, just by the music style, colour theme, animation patterns if any. Leaving your audience happy, surprised, or filled with any other emotions they feel connected to your brand, will take a good brain’s work in designing branding strategies for yourself. Once your audience start making your brand’s style and pattern, a part of their everyday life, you can feel that your efforts are going strongly in right directions.

  1. Aligns customer expectations – When you establish yourself as a brand and sends your branding  message clearly,then your customers know what your business is about, they understand your objectives better. While you deliver your product and services with consistent quality and quantity, you build a trust with your customers and they know what to expect. Somewhere they align their needs and expectations with your brand, thus also ensuring greater customer loyalty.
  2. Ensures employee loyalty – When people work with a big and famous brand, they can’t resist boasting about it. Highly reputable brand will always instill a sense of responsibility and dedication in an employee towards the company. Every employee will be zealous for the success of the brand and will work together as a team. They will strongly believe in the brand’s objectives and values making their brand robust from the inside as well.

Taking the case of Reliance Jio, we all have seen how swiftly it became a sensation in the telecommunication industry. They launched their services for public in September 2016, and they created a stir among the consumers, long before they were launched with their lucrative offers. In a period of a little more than 3 months, they crossed 50 million users and today they are standing on a user base of over 125 million.

Everyone is a witness to what happened in 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India. How Modi became a brand and a social media buzz in no time. If you only look at it from the marketing perspective,you will see how beautifully, the brand Modi was portrayed across the nation. Big event management companies in India were gracefully crafting ideas and concepts to hold political events countrywide to engage with the citizens. Shortly after the campaigns kicked off, people started taking pride in associating themselves with the brand Modi, new trends were set, not only offline media channels but online media was capturing the big Modi wave in every possible aspect. Social media served as a catalyst to the growth of the brand. #Modi was the most searched and most used hashtag during that period.

All these case studies strongly support and prove the fact that how crucial branding is for your business. With building your brand, you won’t just build a trust among your consumer but you also give a promise to them, that come what may you won’t deviate from what you stand for and your brand represents your beliefs.

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