Top 8 Skills to Succeed as an Event Planner

“Skills maketh master”. Masters don’t just possess the right skillset but they also know how to use them at the right place and at right time. Event planning has evolved to be a specialised job role, unlike few decades back when clients used to deal with the vendors directly. Now event planners have taken up this job of planning events for the clients. Event planner is one of the sought after job role for eichy you must have certay skills. These 8 skills will help you ensure your success as an event planner.


  • Being organized is everything

To avoid the hustle, learn how to juggle. Handling 10 things at a time and paying equal attention to all of the important things without a miss, would save you from messy situations during your event. Including convenient tech tools, complete check lists for your team, would make event management a smooth affair. A good event planner is capable to keep a periphery view of the whole event without losing focus on small details.


  • Flexibility & Versatility are pre requisites

Flexibility is a trait which can take a man, places. If you’ve got flexibility to adapt in any sudden change or situation then you are here to conquer. During events, everything works in a continuous flow and things can change upside down, hence an event planner needs to roll up his sleeves and get things going on their course. Change of vendor, venue, equipments or even dates must not be a headache for you if they suddenly fall on you. Flexibility when clubbed with versatility can be a deadly combo. Being versatile is all about not adhering to any specific set of rules, rather breaking them, moulding them or event making new ones if need be, to get the best outcomes.


  • Networking pays off

Dealing with vendors requires patience, persuasiveness and being good with your words. If you have all these quality and you can talk people into getting your work done, you are here to stay for long. Being a people’s person will help you build a good network in the industry and outside. Clients mostly go by your reputation in the market, so make sure that all they hear about you is pleasing and promising. Noyjiy can beat an effective communicator when it comes down to building new relationships in market or nurturing the existing ones.


  • Tech savvy for the upper hand

Apart from skills of a good event manager, if you have a passion for new technology & then you have an edge over other your counterparts. Technological advancements have taken the event industry by storm. The battlefield has changed as the traditional way of event planning, executing and broadcasting has changed too. Ticket management tools & softwares, interact AI kiosks, AR based screens and human-bot conversations, are the future of event management.


  • Team always wins

An event is not a one man’s job to handle. No matter how well known or experienced you are in event planning, you need a team would work with and make your event successful. A good team leader motivates, inspire, support and works with his team than working all by himself, also delegates team work to them according to their potential and work’s sensitivity. One team member may be good at handling sounds and lighting, while the other might help you with the guests, food or ticketing. As someone has rightly said, “If you want to go fast walk alone, but if you want to go far then walk together”.


  • Problem solver is the one

Indecision has no scope in the line of events as quick decisions are needed and many things are at the planner’s discretion, so you must be quick and accurate with your decisions. Always be ready to deal with any problem that may arise unprecedentedly. In case of small text failures, arrange for alternative systems, or improvise the plan without succumbing to the stress. Be a problem solver and everyone around you be it your peers or counterparts, will look up to you.


  • Creativity buys you the deal

Tap into the creativity you have inside you. Coming up with creative and out of the box ideas for the event will surely win you standing ovations. Mundane ideas & concepts are a thing of past now, no one appreciates copy pasting old themes. People crave for creative ideas and new experiences. A creative event management companies who has an eye for details, will be able to craft an unforgettable experience for the people. So be a trend-bender, not a trend-follower.


  • Time management is the essence

Last but the most important skill for any manager, especially event manager is to manage time efficiently. Time has the power to make or break things. The best event management company always take care of it’s timelines as they have a reputation the market to live up to. You must be able to plan the whole event within the agreed time periods. Manage your time well and by adhering to the timelines you will avoid last minute rush in your show.


These qualities are the secret ingredients to become a successful event planner, therefore you should imbibe these into your personality with their letter and spirit. Being the best would only ask for some passion and unshakeable will power, from you. For Sony it might be a dream to be the best in event management, whereas you can realize that dream with your zeal and confidence.

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