Tips for Hiring the Best Event Planner

So, you have thought of hosting an event or throwing a party for your friends & family or there is a wedding in the family, what comes first to your mind is whom should you hire for planning, executing & managing the event. When you start looking at the available options of event management companies in the market, you tend to be left confused with so many choices at hand. What to do next? How do you really select the right event planner or in other words the best event planner for your event? Well, here are a few tips that would make your choice a bit easy, when you work on it next:

Decide the Event Type and Event Planner Requirements: First and foremost, it is necessary to determine the objective of the event you are planning and the kind of experiential marketing you would want to take charge of things. Be it a specialized wedding planner or a corporate event champion or a private party organizer, every event type is unique in its own way and thus, needs a specialized planner/ organizer for it.

Be on the Lookout: Consider the local options available, which specialize in your event type. Go through the portfolios and the details of the kind of services available or being offered. After you have all the information ready about the various options available in the market, it is time to compare them and approach the selected ones.

Know the Planners: Before finalizing the any particular planner, know what all they can offer within the available timeline, how much they are capable of planning and thinking out of the box. This would help you do a detailed comparative study between the shortlisted event planners. To finally zero down on one planner the most important thing is the budget. After sharing your event type, taste and expectations, it is time to share the budget as well. If everything else falls in place but the budget remains a constraint, all the efforts might go to waste. Thus, budget is as crucial a point of discussion as much is any other detail of the event.

Working Together on the Event: After assigning the duties to the event planner, it is time to spring into action and take regular follow-ups about the planning & designs. While the event planner does all the work, it is essential to be present at the site to look after the proceedings and execution. Though the event planner would do all the needful, working together on the event management website will only ensure that it turns out to be a grand success. Also, if there are any doubts at any point or stage, do consider re-hiring a planner or outsourcing certain part of the work to another planner.

Hiring an event planner is a long process and on-boarding of the right planner should only be done after due research and inspection. Market reviews play a pivotal role in influencing the event planner choice and there should be no compromise, when you are assigning such an important task to someone.

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