Insanely Fun and Exciting Birthday Party Ideas for Every Type of Guy

Finding a good event venue is hard. Thinking of a fun, unique and unforgettable party theme is harder, most especially if you’re a guy. There aren’t a lot of party tips and tricks that you can find for male celebrants. In this short guide, we aim to solve this problem. We have some awesome party ideas for every type of personality.

The Party Goer – Throw a Crazy Party

Anyone can easily organize a party, but not everyone can throw an epic party. To organize a crazy party that your guests won’t forget, you need to consider a few things. First of all, you need to check the location. Is it accessible? Does it have the vibe that you’re looking for?

Secondly, you should make arrangements for the activities, drinks and food. How long will the party last? What drinks will you serve?

You also need to consider the party theme. Do you need costumes? Do you need to impose a dress code? What songs will you include in your playlist? Lastly, make sure you have enough alcohol for all your guests.

The Curious Guy – Organize a cheeky pole dancing party

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Nothing can really beat the fun and enjoyment you can have from a night of exotic pole dancing. Never been to pole dancing club before? If yes, then it’s the perfect time to arrange a pole dancing party for all your male friends.

Find a credible party vendor who can help you find the best pole dancers. Instead of going to the club and waiting in line with the rest of the club patrons, you can bring the party to wherever you want. You can also enjoy special surprises from the dancers.

The Health Conscious Lad- Take a Trip to the Spa

If you are not a fan of going to strip clubs or drinking unlimited cocktails all night, you should try arranging a spa party with your male guests. You’d be surprised by how many males today love doing spa parties.

And we’re not just referring to enjoying a lengthy Swedish massage session. Avid male spa-goers often opt for a sports massage. It’s a special type of massage that can help loosen sore muscles from your basketball games or gym workouts.

The Adrenaline Junkie – Engage in an extreme sport event

Photo by Gonzalo Facello from Pexels

Want to celebrate your birthday with an action-packed activity? Pick your favorite extreme sport and find party vendors who can help you make the necessary arrangements.

You can book a group package for paintball, laser tag or archery tag. You might also like booking a kart racing package. Engaging in extreme sports with your friends might just be the best party theme for you.

The Wanderlust – Go on the Ultimate Road Trip

Itching to go on a long drive? You can schedule it on your birthday week. Bring your favorite people with you. Choose your destination and check the routes you can use. Determine how long the trip would take. Identify the possible issues that your group might face during the road trip.

Also, you need to prepare your car for the trip. Clean the seats and discard your hidden stash of candy and food wrappers. Avoid issues on the road by checking the validity of your driver’s license and checking your travel insurance card.

The Grill Monster – Host a Barbecue Party

If you’re born in the summer, you can host a barbecue party. With this type of birthday theme, you can show off your culinary expertise and impress your guests at the same time. Try to make your own burger patties, chicken skewers and sausages. You should also prepare your own side dishes like potato salad and grilled corn cobs.

Choose a perfect time for your barbecue party. If your guests include kids, then you should schedule the party earlier. Otherwise, you can schedule it late afternoon.

The Ultimate Gamer – Challenge Your Friends to a Duel

Hosting a video game competition may sound geeky for some people. However, if you’re a sworn video gamer, you should definitely host a video gaming competition once in your life.

Ideally, you should consider hosting it on your birthday. You can easily host one in your home or apartment. Ask your friends to bring their laptops or mobile devices with them.

You can sit on your bean bags, couch or any part of your house as long as you are all comfortable. Make sure to offer refreshments and snacks.

The Nature Buff – Organize a Group Trekking Event

Get in touch with nature on your birthday! Invite your closes trekking buddies to a few days of adventure. Organizing a group hiking trip is no easy task, but when done right, you’re going to have a spectacular experience.

Start your plan by selecting a nice hiking destination. Choose based on the physical capabilities of every guest. While it’s exciting to tread a challenging trail, you still need to consider the safety of everyone. Consider the level of difficulty of the trails.

Is it too rocky? Are there quicksands in the area? Is the slope too steep? How well do you know the area? You must consider all of these factors.

Moreover, everyone should have a clear grasp of the hiking itinerary. Explain the details of the trip so they can set their expectations. You should prepare for the worst case scenarios. Bring the necessary gears and equipment like GPS, compass and ropes.

Last few tips…

If you’re planning the event by yourself, keep in mind party planning tips like creating a backup plan and checking your reservations. Also, don’t forget to double check the invitations you will send out. Make sure they’re free from typos or any inconsistencies.

So, which type of guy are you? Are you ready for your coming birthday party? What preparations have you done so far? Feel free to use the party theme ideas above if you don’t know where to start. If you’re not too keen on making your birthday arrangements for yourself, you can try hiring a planner instead. Make sure that you choose the best planner for your event.

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