How to Find the Perfect Sponsor for Your Event

The gamut of logos in an event certainly piques curiosity of every person witnessing that event, like how the event organisers managed to rope-in so many sponsors. Sponsorship is something every event organiser look forward to have and expects it to be the best of all. It takes careful measures to choose the perfect sponsors for your event and if your remember couple of things while choosing the sponsor then your event is robustly backed up by good sponsors.

Understanding your target audience and what’s in it for your sponsors

  • A little homework wouldn’t cost you much rather it will ensure you good results. Study what type of audience you want to target for your event, learn about your age group and interests of the audience you wish to target. Once your target audience is decided, look for those companies or businesses who want to target similar audience. If your sponsor’s and your targeting goals match then you have a greater chance to pull him in. You can also expect better participation from your sponsors. Be mindful that you’re not looking for some event management company, but a company to sponsor your event, hence it requires cautiousness and smartness, to manage things.
  • Why would any sponsor associate themselves with you unless you ensure them or their brand some visibility or help in boosting their brand loyalty through your event. Every company expects a return on investment and if they’re sponsoring your event so they ought to expect a promising result in terms of their brand reputation, visibility and Since you’re focussing an audience which your sponsor would be interested in, therefore the brand visibility of not just your brand but also of the sponsor’s brand will expand. It will grab more eyeballs and that too relevant ones, since all the logos will be popping from all over the place.

Identification of potential personas and zeroing in on perfect sponsor

  • Engage your team to dig a little more into the past to scratch some information about all the listed potential options, like their work history, their relationships with vendors and their reputation as sponsors in the market. All you need is to shake up some sources like social media pages, their official websites for their success stories, their client reviews, to form a database for analysis.
  • Analyse the data you have curated from all possible sources, for few important aspects like target audience matching, social media presence, success rate of their past engagement activities as sponsors. By observing their social media and other online channels you can measure their audience size and understand the demographics so that you can relate to them while pitching. Understand their marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and brand awareness drives, so that you can point of where they lack and you have a solution ready for them in your proposal.
  • Since it totally depends on the scale of your event and also on the size, name or reputation of your brand, that which sponsors would likely to associate with you. Suppose if you’re not a big brand name in the market, then the chances for companies who have an impressive brand presence in the market, to associate with you for the event would be less. Target those sponsors who are of similar dimensions as you are.

Approach with a promising pitch

  • Once you’ve done your research part and zeroed in on few companies with whom you’d like to be associated, as you’ve screen them through several compatibility filters, it is time for you to approach them with an impressive pitch.
  • Never forget to tell your story that how your brand captured the audience by giving them a new experience every time. Suggest few fresh ideas that your sponsors would find fruitful for building their brand reputation and visibility. Cover all the aspects concisely like how your targeted audience penetration would be carried out, all the social media campaigns you’re planning to promote the event which eventually will benefit them.
  • Be specific and clear about your funding expectations and also what part of total amount you’d like to spend on venue, food, guests, technology and event promotion. Low risk model is always appealing to sponsors as they are taking risks by investing in your event. Therefore assure them by asking funding in parts so that they also feel comfortable and less on risks.
  • Propose to promote their brand in your social campaigns by asking your audience to like or share their pages and products. Mentioning them in your social media stories, posts and activities so that their brand gains attention from your audience base. Mention few popular professional event management companies that you might choose for your event, so they can expect a rich event. Don’t forget to keep few options reserved in case you need a plan B.

Sponsorship makes a great deal when it comes to organizing an event as your investment will decide the extent to which you can spend to get the best resources and event planners to craft a show worth attending. Since latest technology is expensive to incorporate and is the game changer in today’s event scenario, if you’ve got the buck, then you can turn the luck. With good investment, you will have the state-of-the-art technology and you are all set to startle the audience with a thrilling experience. Therefore you must play your card right when it comes to getting perfect sponsorship and you can be the talk of the town in no time.

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