How to create sensational 3D projection mapping?

Are you still stuck on some 3D projection, you witnessed in an event? Can’t stop imagining an equally mesmerizing or a better 3D projection mapping in your own event but not sure how to achieve it successfully? Well there is no single manual guide for a perfect 3D projection but you must arrange few things in order to get the desired effect.

But first, let’s have a brief read over what 3D projection mapping actually is. 3D projection mapping is a lot more than just projecting a video on a surface like a wall or ceiling. It is a fascinating, entertaining and effective experiential marketing tool which involves giving a lively experience by projecting various art and forms on a 3D structure and bringing it to life, penetrating into the geometry of the structure, changing it’s perspective. Keep in mind these following factors while creating a 3D project mapping for your event:

  1. Cost and budget

There is no limit to the extent of money you can go on spending for your event but you really need to pull the brakes while spending bomb on incorporating a 3D projection mapping in your show. There are numerous event management companies in the market promising to create the best 3D mapping or laser shows and certainly they’re going be a costly affair. Firstly you need to decide the budget of your complete event and how much you can afford to spend on this one element of entertainment. Consult the AV team for ideas that can be achieved according to your budget, including costs of projectors needed to be installed over a vast area, props used in the projection mapping. Ask for quotations from various vendors who can provide you with a customised mapping, and is within your budget too.

2. Creativity

Since 3D projection mapping is also evolving with the continuous advancements in technology, therefore one-size-fits-all theory doesn’t work well here anymore. Creativity is the ace of spades here which will win the game for you. Gone were the days when people used to find 2D projection on a plane surface, appealing and new. In the age of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the audience expects something out of the box to feel surprised and amazed. If you’re sending a message about nature or forest preservation, then you may turn the venue into a virtual forest by installing pillars everywhere and lighting them up like trees and projecting your whole story around them to send your message while the people walk through them and experience something new. Use almost any and every object or structure possible at the venue to create a lively 3D projection and let people take home, something new and unforgettable to their homes. Nothing can replace creativity and innovation and by being creative you can win hearts, not just the show.

3. Challenges

Creating an event is never a smooth ride, and you may encounter challenges that you have never imagined. There are few obstacles which you can predict or which are already known like natural events like rain. So you can always have a contingency plan in case of such natural events or other predictable incidents. There are few challenges like non uniformity of the structure to be projected on and if the projected image differs from the original geometry of the structure then it may cause havoc on your event. You must analyse the venue, structure, architecture of the building to be projected on, carefully and then creating the projection effects carefully so as to match the geometry exactly.

4. Duration and size of the projection

We all remember the infamous Commonwealth Games 2010, held in New Delhi. The opening and the closing ceremonies were so grandeur, that the audience left spell bound by the enticing 3D projection mapping that was part of the event and it was the collective effort where event management companies in Delhi and from across the country were involved. Technology, technical experts and artists were called from across the globe to make that event a sensation. The stadium where it was taking place was lit up more beautifully than a Christmas tree, and its walls were projected on with captivating art forms and everything was so big so that a several thousand people could watch but together. It went on for a couple of hours which also had few other events tailored in between. Though people loved every bit of that show, but now things have moved on to a new level where people love things in small and interesting packages. Therefore if you plan to startle then with a creative 3D projection mapping then instead of using a large structure or surface, use mini structures like their tables around which they’re sitting, the pillars around them, a cake (if there is any cake to be cut). Tiny, personalized and close experiences will surely going to take them by surprise and amusement. Make sure to keep the duration of projection short and specific.

Well apart from these few things what you might consider is creating the 3D projection mapping in-house. You may face few challenges while training the team with AV equipments, mapping softwares, but your creative team can actually carve a masterpiece, and complete the specialised task of projection mapping onto complex structures. You can maximize the customisation while lowering the costs of props and since they understand the concept to its core therefore they have a clarity of project objectives. You can work around different ideas and design customised games, quizes and interactive experience for the audience. Create a blend of 3D videos, animation and stills or ppts on different structures to¬† make it more interesting. Don’t forget to run final checks several times if possible, before the actual event so as to ensure smooth functioning. Thus you can align your outcomes to the goals of your project as accurately as possible.

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