Event Technology Trends for Exhibition and Trade Shows

When someone talks about exhibitions or trade shows in 2018, the only thing which comes to mind is Experiential Setup. From small exhibitions to big trade shows, nobody seems to be interested anymore in decades old traditional promotional styles, mundane booths and monotonous brochure distribution. Today we are seeing these events as a revolutionized marketing set-up where everyone enjoys a refreshing and unique experience from starting point to the end point. Let’s talk about some showstoppers of these new age exhibitions, which are making headlines now and are trending more than anything.

1. Light it up

Visually appealing things are hard to forget and they leave such an impression in our mind that it stays for a good period of time. When used creatively, light can bring any surface or object to life and event management companies today have devised new themes, concepts to turn light into the main attractions of the event. The perfect blend of highlights and shadows in a lighting show can make the audience gasp. Eye catching projections are the newbies in town who are here to stay. Technology has become advanced and compact, so much so that projection is now possible from anywhere owing to the small projector sizes. 3D Projection Mapping has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and now every object can be made interesting by matching it’s geometry. Everyone who’s been to Dubai and has seen the Burj Khalifa light shows can relate to how 3D projection mapping can take away your breaths.

2. Customised booth

Hopping booth to booth for a consumer is just like a shopping experience in a mall, where he is just have to complete his task since he came all the way from home. So exhibition organisers are customising booths in a way that the audience gets the collective feel of all the booths as one memorable experience. Making every booth standing out from the rest yet all the booths are equally interesting and engaging for the audience. Few trending ideas for customised booths include a revolving bar and cafe within the event for the audience to chill, neon lights making interesting shapes with light sabers from star wars, neon sunglasses etc. Digital forests made of green LEDs is a unique way to spread a message about environment protection to the mass attending the event.

3. Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

The biggest challenge these days is to get people off their mobile phones for a while and make them enjoy the world around them. Technological challenge can only be solved with technology (Gotta be breathtaking!). Facebook filters, or snapchat stories can only be replaced if you play a little with Augmented Reality and pamper the audience with zapping ideas like installing AR screens where people can try custom filters on themselves, have interesting conversations with the AI inspired bots and forget their phone till the time they are in the event. Exhibitors are also giving virtual tours to the attendees with the help of VR gears. Make sure you provide something more interesting or engaging than Alexa and Siri, which millions of people talk to in their homes everyday.

4. Audience centric approach

Looking at the marketing campaigns today and how the promotional events being organised, it is evident that it is not the product or the brand which holds the prime value but the consumer. Brands who focus more on their consumer are on the winning spree already. Similarly in exhibitions and Trade shows, audience must feel special and organisers are taking good care of that. They analyse their target audience before the event planning so that all the necessary customisation can be done. Deploy few DIY booths where you can have some quirky photo moments. Let the audience play with colours,  paints, or any kind of art they feel happy doing. Engaging every step makes them feel good about themselves, also they feel important and more connected to the brands.

5. Story telling

Why stories have always enticed us from the childhood days, ever wondered? It’s because they leave our mind curious, touched, or somewhere match our basic values so we carry them with us for the rest of our lives. Story telling is the universal way of making the audience feel a connect with the brand. Virtual walls depicting brand journey catches every eyeball entering the show. Adding a social element to your story telling like how your brand made a difference might earn you brownie points as well. Face of Indian exhibition sphere has changed with concepts like these and event management companies in India are contributing to the collective change required in this space. Story telling concepts are a hit from social media to real time events.

Apart from these trending concepts being incorporated in exhibitions and trade shows there are many new ideas mushrooming everyday in this space. However small or big the exhibition is, experimentation with new ideas is never going to stop and organisers will always be inclined towards giving the audience an experience worth taking home.

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