7 Tips to become successful Event Planner

No doubt, event industry has emerged as booming industry in 21st Century. But it requires many hours of meticulous planning in order to make the event more engaging. And here comes the Event Management Company or Event Planning Company who not only helps you to connect with your potential clients but also helps in finding the next resource. They work as mediator between clients and their prospective clients. The Event company plan and design an event in way that it balance between knowledge and fun, making them beneficial from the company’s revenue point yet engaging for the attendees.

The below event planning tips will help you to design your event effectively. Read it and share your feedback in comment section.

Fix your budget and work around it: You should have clear picture of budget and its expenditure beforehand. So Break down the total budget in fragments you are going to spend. The break down of budget will also help you later to analyze your plan and think to spend more on some particular area that is profitable. There are several broad areas that requires careful assessment like- venue, decor, catering, prints etc. Recent years have seen the rise of event-related technology in the form of event apps and they are essential for the perfect meet!

Know the target group and audience: It is very important to understand who are your targeted audiences i.e. if you target them, there is more chance of conversion. Even the best selection of venue may go wrong if it doesn’t agree with your attendees.

The Corporate meets can be broadly classified as training meets, networking meets or simply a promotional event. Understand the needs and preferences of the audience and nature of your event will help you in every step of the planning, designing and execution from seminar stationary to associated technology.

Schedule everything: Schedule each and every task before the events starts. Time is money and for a good event planner, it is mandatory to have a scheduled plan and design before the event starts. Having a right schedule ready in the early stages of planning will help to implement the plan better. You must keep a track of the following on the day of the event.

  • When will the attendees arrive
  • When does the session start
  • In-session breaks and refreshments
  • When does the event end

After you have noted down these major blocks, you can sit with presenters to finalize the minute details like session duration, the order of presentations etc. At this stage, event apps can make the task smooth through their in-built schedulers and planners. If you do not have an event apps, you can help Powerpoint presentation but you require to include each bit of event information. Although it is a bit complicated but not insurmountable task.

Organize different teams: You should have experienced team who are able to work independently or with team. Divide the whole work between them carefully as per their strength. Of course, you need a Team Leader to manage the operations overall, but good team member which are self-motivated towards the event help reduce the chances of goof-ups substantially.

Some of the committees are venue management, speakers; entertainment; branding and promotion, sponsorship and volunteers.

Venue selection

You should have an idea of mass of people going to attend the event. According to numbers of people going to take part in the event, you should select the venue and finalize it way in advance. This will help avoid last-minute rushes. The trend today is to think out of the box and utilize innovative spaces like museums, art galleries or even vineyards as the event venue. This or the substitute choice of an auditorium, whatever suits your budget, audience and conference agenda should be carefully assessed.

Check with the suppliers

You have a list of suppliers before the events. You should have their quotation also so that you can decide which supplier is fruitful to you. Have some knowledge of their past work also. Do not wait until the last moment to place the food order. Just as the overall branding of the event depends on adverts, it also depends on small things like quality of food, audio/visuals, printing jobs, conference kit etc.

Studying the market before you choose a supplier always helps and devote a dedicated team if needed.

Study and commit to learning something every day

Last but not the least, it is vitally important to stay updated with the latest trends. There are many online courses which are very helpful.

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