5 Tips to Avoid Most Common Mistakes in Planning an Event

As Finagle’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will – at the worst possible time”. No matter how confident you are as an event planner, few things might go haywire during the event especially when you least expect them to happen. But as an event planner it is of utmost importance that you must recognize the common mistakes that happen during event planning and how you can avoid them in the first place. Let’s dig some common slips that can happen and the tips to prevent them.


  • Mistake #1 : No back-up plan.

The plan is to have a back up plan. At times you’re so confident about your planning that you feel nothing could go wrong as you’ve planned everything so perfectly. That’s where you forget to factor in the Finagle’s law, stated above.

Prevention : It’s time you take the quote “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” seriously. Jot down potential tech glitches, vendor betrayals or natural events like rain, which can spoil your whole event. Keep a backup vendor ready in case any vendor backs out, which most of the event management companies fail to do. Should a tech glitch occur or some equipment fails, keep backup options for such equipment and be prepared for any surprises. Sit with your client and discuss all these contingency plans with them to make sure they don’t have any problem.


  • Mistake #2 : Clash of Events

Little ignorance can ruin the charm of your show. The mistake of not checking calendar for similar events around that same date and time can steal the exclusivity of your event. You might not get same audience you expected to see due to conflicting of events.

Prevention : There is no harm in running a calendar check for all events of similar genre. A little pre check will ensure that you don’t have to compete for same audience base and it would save you the best of resources or vendors for your event. Eventually you’d enjoy complete spotlight with little carefulness.


  • Mistake #3 : Poor estimation of guest count

You will undoubtedly feel elated when your pre event marketing campaign start making noise, i.e. your ticket sale increases exponentially. You  eventually realize that  you underestimated or overestimated the guest count. You have either booked a too small venue or a too large space with respect to the audience size.

Prevention : Confirm with clients, about the guest count or the audience size they are targeting. Note down approximate no. of people who might be attending the event. Then book a space accordingly. If you still can’t predict or figure out the no. of people expected to attend the event, then keen an alternative venue as a back-up in case you don’t want to restrict your ticket sale. Never book your alternative venue before the end of your ticket sale, keeping in mind the scope of waiting list of the attendees and no. of cancellations.


  • Mistake #4 : Skipping Re- checking

Don’t blame the vendor if they misprint the client’s or the sponsor’s name on the goodies, mementos or event souvenirs. You shouldn’t even blame the PR & communications team if they mentioned wrong details of the event like incorrect time, date or place in the invitation email or invitation cards. It was your responsibility to check everything before the execution.

Prevention : As a reputed & experienced event planner it is expected of you to perform multiple checks on every tiny detail possible which is important for the event. From printing of invitation cards to delivery of event material, make sure to complete your double, triple checks at-least 48 hours prior to the event, so that any last minute changes can be made without messing up the event. By doing this you’ll not only ensure a smooth show but also gain trust and accolades from the client.


  • Mistake #5 : No follow-ups

How would you feel if you win a race and no one comes up to you to congratulate you or appreciate you. You’d be discouraged, right? Mostly event planners forget that this was not their life’s last event and they forget to follow up with the vendors and guests.

Prevention : Since your vendors are the key players in your event, therefore you need to take care of them as well. Prepare some tokens of appreciation or goodies and gift them at the end of your event. Build a reputation with them as you will have to work with them later as well. As a reputed event company you need to make healthy relationships with vendors. Also send emails, messages to guests or reach out to them on social media, asking their feedback, thanking them for making your event successful.


These tips are more than necessary for you to avoid most common mistakes which usually event planners commit. You must keep one thing in mind that – “Ab ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”.

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